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Where do I place the Water Tank on my Truck?

We use a 2/3rd 1/3rd formula for a tandem axle truck.  The front of the tank is 2/3rds forward of center of tandem and 1/3rds rear of

center of tandem. (Example: 15’ tank would be 10’ forward and 5’ back from center of tandem or trunnion) We like to see 4″-6” of gap

between the cab or exhaust, which ever sticks out the most. For the Single Axle Truck, we like to use center of axle to the rear of the

tank is 3’ and the rest forward, (Example: if the tank is 10’ long, the tank would set 7’ forward and 3’ back of center of axle.


Note: If the truck needs to weigh at or under the axle ratings, these measurements may not work.  We are able to work on a case by

case basis if you need to achieve these weight ratings.

How much Weight and what Size Tank can I put on my truck?

Tank, pump, plumbing and water is 10 pounds per gallon.  Example: 2500-gallon tank is going to put 25,000 pounds on you truck.

Note: A typical single axle medium duty truck is around 10,000 lbs + or –

A tandem axle truck is 17,000 pounds to 23,000 pounds + or –.  Depends on the specs of the truck.   Using these numbers can get you an approximate weight.

I have a PTO (power take off) already, can I just use the one I got?

Depends first if its remote shaft or hydraulic flange style and what style of pump you are using.

We can help you determine this on a case by case basis to try and use what you already have.  In most cases we could not use your PTO (power take off)

I have a hydraulic system on my truck already, is it cheaper to use it verses using a drive line style driven pump?

It’s always cheaper to go to a Drive Line driven PTO/pump system, that’s even putting an new PTO on the truck.  Why? Because we

have to go to an open loop system which is more costly. The cost of a Hydraulic Pump and B-flange adapter would exceed the cost of

the PTO and drive-line alone.

Note: Hydraulic drive is a nice way to go. Even though it is less maintenance, it will be less cost effecient.

How do I find out how much my Randco Tank Weighs?

To find the Weight of your Randco Tank,  follow the steps below:

  • Standard Profile – 300 lbs Per Foot *Approx*
  • Medium Profile – 275 lbs Per Foot *Approx*
  • Low Profile – 250 lbs Per Foot *Approx*

If you have any questions concerning the Weight of your Randco Tank, Contact Us so we may be of Further Service.

How many Profiles (Tank Height) do you guys Manufacture?

Here are our Standard Profiles:

  • Standard Profile Tank – 60″ High
  • Medium Profile Tank – 54″ High
  • Low Profile Tank – 48″ High

If you require a Special Height, Contact Us so we can consult with you to find the dimensions you need.

How Wide can you Manufacture a Tank?

Randco Manufactures Water Tanks in Many different Widths.    We can make any Tank 80″ – 102″ with the Randco Elliptical Profile.

Of course these widths are just for our Elliptical Water Tanks, Our Slide In Water Tanks have different Specifications.

Also 102″ is the Widest we can build a tank per DOT Specifications.

If you require a Special Width, Contact Us so we can consult with you to find the dimensions you need.

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