Bertolini Valve – Pneumatic

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Bertolini Valve – Pneumatic


The Original Bertolini Water Valve & Spray Head Combo is a Standard in Water Truck Systems. Contact the Randco Team to see if the Genuine Bertolini Water Valve fits your Application!

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Bertolini Side Spray Attachment

This Genuine Bertolini Side Spray Nozzle is easy to install &  turns your Front or Rear spray valve into a Side Spray or Street Flusher Powerhouse!


Part Number
#71A-3 // 03-001
Made in U.S.A
Custom Extruded Aluminum with Vulcanized Rubber.
3" Grooved Connection
Adjustable Band
Adjustable Band for Custom Spraying.
Additional Components
(1) Quick Exhaust Valve + Brass Fittings
Electric Controlled
Pneumatic Controlled
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