Dixon 3 in. Aluminum O-Ring Swivel Joint w/ Female NPT Ends

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Dixon 3 in. Aluminum O-Ring Swivel Joint w/ Female NPT Ends



Wherever stationary pipes and hoses must be plumbed to rotating machine parts, swivel joints provide a means of ensuring a reliable liquid-tight connection while allowing freedom of movement between system components. Swivels create a rotary mechanical and hydraulic linkage between stationary pipes, hoses, and other components of fluid transfer systems. They absorb shock, eliminate hose twisting and kinking, and allow for independent movement while fluids are pumped under pressure.

Swivel joints prevent kinks that form in hoses when one end of the hose rotates opposite the other end. Hose kinking reduces flow, increases system pressure, and causes fatigue of hose walls, crimps, and end connectors. Over time, higher pressures and worn-out hoses increase the probability of unexpected system failures and the release of potentially hazardous chemicals.

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